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The skilled team at Payton Kitchens in Toowoomba have more than 30 years of experience in custom building wardrobe storage solutions, both free standing and built ins.

For a high quality home storage solution that looks beautiful, complements your home environment and provides a place for everything you need it to hold, our specialist cabinet makers are the people to talk to.

Regardless of the size and design of the wardrobe you want, we can build it, there is no ‘one size fits all’ application when it comes to a wardrobe.

A new wardrobe or wardrobe redesign is a low-cost renovation that creates more space and adds extra versatility.

With our vast selection of innovative wardrobe options, it’s time to create a space that enables you to organise all your clothing, shoes and accessories in a way that also allows you to access them quickly and easily.
We always work with the highest-quality materials in the colours and styles you choose.

Whatever design you prefer, we can accommodate. If you would like a design with plenty of hanging space, we can work with that, if you would rather have extra drawers, shoe racks or shelving, we can also build to that specification.

During our initial design meeting we can discuss your design and functionality preferences. If you have ideas, we can work with you on those, if you need more inspiration our in-house designers will help you. Our portfolio of wardrobe projects we’ve previously completed can also help provide design ideas.

Walk-in Robes

Whether looking for a luxurious addition or a purely practical answer to storing clothing, shoes and accessories, a walk-in robe could be the perfect solution for you.

A well designed walk-in robe can provide a dressing space as well as storage space and can potentially add a point of difference and value to your home.

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Walk-in robes — Payton Kitchens in Toowoomba, QLD