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Our Story

Operating as Brett Payton Cabinetmaker, Brett started doing business in May 1991. He knocked on doors and took any job offered to him. At the time, most of the work he took on was replacing or planing doors, fixing steps and building pergolas. He accepted any job just to get his name out there and known.

His commitment to working hard, along with his determination, paid off. By November 1991 he and his wife formed B&S Payton Kitchens and they moved the business to a shed in McDougall Street in Toowoomba.

Brett’s passion lies in training, he enthusiastically shares his vast bank of knowledge when teaching his apprentices. He originally began learning the trade when he worked with Australian, Polish and German cabinetmakers and, in December 1992, Brett had his first apprentice indentured.
In May 2008, Payton Kitchens relocated to more appropriate premises at 1a Freighter Avenue. The new workshop also offered better customer parking and easier access.

Even now, Brett goes on-site weekly and provides one-on-one training with each of his team to ensure their training is monitored. Passing on his knowledge continues to be his passion.
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Experience & Training

Brett takes the knowledge he has gained, along with his experience to create his own methods of training and manufacturing.

These unique methods of training instil in each team member a sense of responsibility and great pride in the work they do. This ensures a higher standard of workmanship which means the client receives a better quality product.

Along with the technical skillset training, apprentices are taught to master every aspect of the business, from building customer relationships to fitting the final product.

Every year one new apprentice is indentured. Once qualified, those trades people are encouraged to stay with Payton Kitchens and to continue their training.
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Some of the Payton Kitchens awards include:
Australian Training Awards
  • Prime Minister Award
  • 2007 National Employer of the Year Finalist
Heritage Southern Qld Business Excellence Awards
  • 2003 Micro Manufacturer of the Year Grand Finalist
  • 2008 Manufacturer of the Year Winner
  • 2008 Trade Division Winner
  • 2009 Trade Division Winner
  • 2016 Building Division Winner
Manufacturing Skills Qld Awards
  • 2010 Small to Medium Employer of the Year
  • 2011 Small to Medium Employer of the Year
Queensland Training Awards
  • 2002 Small Employer of the Year Finalist
  • 2004 Small Employer of the Year Finalist
  • 2007 Small Employer of the Year Regional Winner
  • 2007 Small Employer of the Year State Winner
  • 2010 Small to Medium Employer of the Year Finalist



Frequently Asked Questions

At Payton Kitchens, we get a lot of questions so we’ve put together a list of some of the questions we are asked most often, along with their answers. Read through the list and if you would like further information, please get in touch.
Can we incorporate some of our old cabinetry in the new design?
Yes absolutely. We can work with you to design a layout that includes some of your old cabinetry. We can use new hardware to update the look of your cupboards and to connect the old with the new to create a seamless look.
Can you help with ideas for a new kitchen splashback?
Do you design, build and install commercial kitchen cabinetry?
Is there a key to designing the kitchen layout?
I don’t want to renovate my bathroom, I just want to replace the vanity with a custom one, is that possible?
Is it possible to make my laundry more functional without a full renovation?